Located in T. W. Briscoe Park at the corner of Magnolia Road and Sawyer Parkway, Snellville Georgia

Current Master Plan for the Community Garden @ Snellville
A revised Master Plan was approved and replaced the previous plan effective June 19, 2013. The changes were relatively minor and provide for more planting bed spaces and a slightly different arrangement of the sizes of the beds.
Instructions for Changes and/or Additions to the
Community Garden @ Snellville Master Plan


The Community Garden @ Snellville committee developed a master plan in 2012 with citizen input to determine the proposed layout and phases of the garden over the next few years. That plan was revised on June 19, 2013 to the Master Plan seen above. 

A review committee was established in order to develop and procedures to be implemented
for approval of changes or additions to the master plan.

The Review Committee:  Sid Parrott, Part_1@msn.com
                                         Marcy Pharris, marcyph@netzero.com
                                         Ileen Meggison, honeyb@bellsouth.net
                                         Olivia Mickalonis, oam.greenmanagementstrategies@gmail.com.
The following process has been established for submitting an application to the Review Committee:
1.  A request must be made in writing to the Review Committee and must include the following listed 
     information. A form to submit a request is attached.

A brief description of what is to be changed or added to the master plan.

Where on the master plan is your suggested location for the item to be added or for the change to be made.

What type of material is the item made of—wood, concrete, metal, etc.

Provide dimensions, drawings, cut sheets, or photographs of the change or addition.  Where can the item
     be seen locally, at what store or location.

What are the maintenance requirements and who will be responsible for the upkeep.

Provide a brief summary of why the change or addition would fit in the garden.

The Review Committee will meet to determine the merits of the request and present our recommendation
      to the Community Garden @ Snellville committee pending approval or denial of the request.



Application to Request Changes and/or Additions
to the Community Garden @ Snellville Master Plan

Name: __________________________________________________________________



Telephone: _______________________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

Description of Request: _____________________________________________________


Location on Master Plan: ___________________________________________________

Material of Item: __________________________________________________________

Attachments Provided: _____________________________________________________

Location to see Item: ______________________________________________________

Maintenance Required: ____________________________________________________

Responsible for Upkeep: ___________________________________________________

                                                  (Name and Address if not applicant)

How It Fits in Garden: _____________________________________________________



Review Committee Approval:        Yes: ______       No: ______      Date: _____________

Committee Concurred:                    Yes: ______      No: ______       Date: _____________

Notes: __________________________________________________________________