Located in T. W. Briscoe Park at the corner of Magnolia Road and Sawyer Parkway, Snellville Georgia

The Community Garden @ Snellville Committee

When a group of volunteers announced plans for a community garden, the phrase,
“if you build it they will come” seemed very appropriate.

The Community Garden @ Snellville was built, and will be maintained, by an all-volunteer group that includes individuals, civic groups and local businesses. We’re proud of our volunteer committee, which includes landscape architects, master gardeners, an architect, a marketing professional, three city councilmen, a CPA, several business owners and a myriad of others who are bringing their collective expertise and commitment to ensure the quality and continuity of the garden.

Committee Members

Gretchen Schulz, Co-Committee Chairperson
Kurt Schulz, Co-Committee Chairperson
Barbara Bender
Ronnie Bentley
Gloria Berry
Linda Brock
Nancy Brune
Susan Chappelear
Vint Cox
Dave Emanuel
Kathy Emanuel
Claudette Forbes

Bobby Howard
Jay Krause
Ileen Meggison
Olivia Mickalonis
Steve Rasmussen
Gretchen and Kurt Schulz

Franklin Willis
Martha Whitman
Tom Witts